Media Production Asia #2 JWT

After yesterday’s location check, our crew of 6 paid a visit at JWT – the best rated advertisement & creativity agency in Asia. For a whole day, we had the opportunity to get some insight on the every-day-work of Senior Creative Director “Terence”, 38 years young and cosmopolitan native of Singapore. Him taking the FXX-Pinion-Bike for a spin around the agency on the 25th floor of the skyscraper wasn’t planned, but made Florian, founder of FXX Cycles, all the more happy! Not only the brains are creative, but also the premises…. … and the shoes. The reality is the complete opposite of the Asian stereotype, which was coined by Hollywood, communism, and Bruce Lee! Highlight of the day was the interview with Terence about his perspective on creativity, the origin of his inspiration, the future of media and advertisement, as well as the differences between Asia and the Western civilization – quite the eye opener!