Big City Life: E-Bike heroes in Barcelona

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Who doesn’t know them? The heroes. They are found everywhere, but describing them is a difficult task to undertake. They don’t need to be Spiderman, Superman or Whatever-you-may-call-them. But they are everyday- heroes – maybe in your family, at work, or among your friends. Cool, confident, and keen to try out new things. This is the perfect description for our protagonist, the prototype of an everyday hero.

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His name could be Raúl. A man who gives 200%, even working on the way to work – he can only relax on his e-bike, if he is flying through traffic, instead of adding another car to the already crammed streets of the city.

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The watch, brandished – being on time is crucial. But since Raúl rides his e-bike he can leave later, ride faster, and be more active. Instead of getting worked up every morning about all the traffic and hubbub, Raúl is racing along the beach of Barceloneta, with more pressure on his pedals than national hero Contador. Effectively, despite all the speed, it’s hard to be on time with the E BIKE R 001. Why? Once you hop on, you don’t want to come down! Tight pants, sweaty shirt and cycling shoes? No chance! Leather shoes, casually loose tie, and Ray Ban sunglasses.


The real eye-catcher is the bike, though. It is an orange-red arrow with extravagant design and great features, summing up a change in society: means of transportation are transforming from conservative status symbols to symbols of a modern life style and the concomitant attitude. You are no longer defined by size, but instead by character. Raúl has more than enough of that going for him.

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Junior Carlos’ mission: getting fresh food from the market. He is of age and could be driving a car to go grocery shopping, but avoids taking the chance of endless traffic jams that test your patience. So it’s not only easier, more economical, and faster riding the e-bike, it’s even more comfortable: at least with the Comfort e-bike by E Bike. This bike is full of innovation. You can tell by just looking at it and you can feel it when taking a ride. A transportation device that does not need to ask for style – this design is what you call retro-futurism, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s used by the teenage son or mommy herself. Here it’s not only about being able to see the style, but also about feeling it. The typical tricolor E Bike design is in perfect harmony with the other parts like the seat bag or the classic leather grips made by Brooks. Besides a comfortable position of the seat, the suspension fork up front, as well as the adjustable height and position of the handlebar, provide great comfort and good ergonomics. The bike stays true to the promise: mount and feel comfortable.

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With fresh veggies in his bag, those 50 Newton meters of the Bosch engine are a real bonus. The motor supports your ride up until 25 km/h. The fact that the battery is located right above the rear is barely noticeable at a nice and easy pace, even with full bags. To that effect, it’s an easy-peasy ride back home – after all, everything needs to be set up for the party. Only natural that the girls are impressed with Junior’s confidence.

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What am I supposed to look at first? This is probably a question not only asked by our shy Carlos but also by the girls, while their ice cream goes runny: “Yummy.” How to interpret this statement is up to you.

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Daddy Raúl doesn’t miss out on anything. That’s why he rushes straight home after work, along the “Passeig de Gracia.” Uphill, on his way home, he only finds a little time to quickly flick through the paper. Always stay informed: doomsday? How can we save the world? After a “Cortado con leche” he keeps going.

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Meanwhile, Junior already got the groceries and leaves matters in daddy’s hands. Raúl is not only a fast rider and a hard worker, but also an outstanding cook – go figure! He is one of these everyday heroes. His wife Andrea? She observes with astonishment, is proud of her husband, and enjoys. Traditional gender roles? In the Fernandéz household there is no such thing – even in the very conservative Spain. Why? These days, individualism is the new religion. Generalizations do not count anymore, only your own accomplishments and actions.

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While the young ones keep partying, the ones that stayed young are going for a romantic journey to Montjuic to enjoy the view over Barcelona and escape the hectic hubbub of the city.

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Wife Andrea is especially enjoying herself. Thanks to the e-bike, uphill almost feels like downhill.

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Whereas she is fine with that, Raúl turns into a wild torero with his E BIKE S002. He is taking his bull for a ride – the typical Spaniard. A man for every type of situation. An everyday hero, if you will. And yeah, he seems just a little too good to be true.

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Sebas Romero / Inga Beckmann More info: